A fun image of Bill Gates switching to Linux - image only

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Probably true

He wouldn't inflict Vista upon himself and XP is getting seriously dated now, so he's probably using some distro of GNU/Linux, instead.

It's also possible that Ballmer was never game to show him what a buggy mess they made with Vista and gave the clown a Ubuntu laptop with the Ubuntu logo crossed out and Vista written in underneath it.

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Pigs might fly...

Funny, but I can't imagine this happening. For someone like Gates it would require a complete psychological U-turn, and essentially represent a rejection of everything he's been doing for the last two decades.

What might happen though is that MS could try to release some of its applications, in closed source form, to run on GNU/Linux systems. This would be similar to what they did on the Mac. They could perhaps use Silverlight or Mono to do this.