One of the main reasons that most people are afraid to try Linux is because they have this preconceived notion about linux being too hard to use and difficult to maintain; or that they have to do something drastically differ ant and there is a steep learning curve to using linux... here is an attemp to dispel some of the myths surrounding Linux

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the article is somehow...misleading for beginners.

First - there are no 18000 APPLICATIONS in Debian repos. There are over 18000 PACKAGES.

Second - argument about no need to use terminal "in years" is ...boring. Or the author never tried to configure Samba or download Debian's "non-free" using debmirror.

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not on those points it isn't

I think you've misquoted him.
From TFA: "Just official debian repositories alone has more than 18000 applications." (emphasis mine)

"There is absolutely no reason why a regular computer user can’t use linux for years, without having to use the terminal." (emphasis mine)

So in both cases he seems to have given some criteria which answer your complaints. It's open for debate what a regular computer user is but I am guessing that most definitions would not include administering Samba.

That said the article does make some broad sweeping statements and has at least one straw-man argument regarding installation of Vista. I don't know any windows user (and I know many) who has installed Vista or any OS. Up against an OEM setup installing any OS seems non-trivial.