"...«Piracy,» Stallman said during his public speech in Bangalore on Saturday, «is totally wrong, because it is wrong to attack ships on sail.» If the person posing the question happens to get smarter and asks specifically about software and music piracy, Stallman gave an even better answer: «Pirates never attack ships with software and music, they do it with guns.» ..." -- Support the Free Software Movement

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A Free Society needs Free Software

Free software is imperative for a free society; a society cannot exist in freedom without free software.

It is very disheartening to believe that subjugation through software is the only way to "ensure sales of software". I believe people that do business this way are doing it the wrong way. I believe that people should do the following in order to make money: provide a service that solves a problem or provide a product that solves a problem; it is the act of solving problems that will make businesses rich. The problem with the proprietary software model is that people expect to get paid multiple times for a problem that is solved once. The way that software masters expect society to behave in order to support their business model is an attack to our individual and collective freedoms and this expectation is evil. The people support these socially harmful actions because they have been conditioned to expect it. The people are also ignorant about the implications caused by trading their freedom in order to gain some limited usage authority to use a computer program.

Fortunately, there exists a world for people that care for their freedom to escape from the tyranny of proprietary software masters. Richard Stallman started the GNU project and the free software movement so that people would have a place to escape to freedom.

Demanding total freedom seems extreme because society has been conditioned to accept the rules of the software masters. However, if you understand the implications upon society that are caused by proprietary software, it becomes easy to understand why we demand total freedom.

There is a way to make to make businesses listen to us: stop contributing to the business in order to affect their bottom line. Unfortunately, the rest of society (the majority of society) is ignorant and amoral towards freedom and so, continues to support the actions of the proprietary software masters as they demand convenience without respect to freedom.

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My reply

My reply (or really just thoughts on freedom) started to get a little long so I made a blog entry here using fsdaily's blog system instead.

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libertarian socialism

and free software go hand in hand.

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