We all know that the Redmond giant has long supported floss and it has announced it's going to put it's full backing behind gnu/linux.

Actually no, it spent years calling the GPL communist and trying to destroy anything that threatens it's monopoly position. But that's sort of the same thing right?

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Valuable Resource

Assuming all this evidence is accurate, this is an amazing collection of clear evidence that Microsoft is working hard to destroy FOSS. A cursory glance of the page leaves me to believe that Microsoft's stance towards FOSS has not changed over time and that anything they do intends to subvert our freedom for the purpose of controlling society's computing as well as lining their pockets with our money.

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B-N's words - almost exactly!

Boycott Novell has been pointing out this M$-Danger for years and duly receives a continuous stream of M$-Sourced abuse for doing so.

However, Boycott Novell would never make the mistake of crediting Novell for their efforts to implement MS-.NET in the heart of Free Software. They well know that Novell is a "MS-Partner" that is faithfully doing the work of their M$-Masters.

M$ cannot change their spots, anymore than can any leopard, and they'll always remain the deadly enemy of the Free Software Community!

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