What the heck is happening in Redmond? Is Microsoft really giving away antivirus software? Yes, friends, it appears that they are. Come on Microsoft, we really want to hate you. I've carried this Microsoft voodoo doll* around with me for years--stabbing it every time I have to pay money for one of your products on a new laptop or desktop computer.

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Created by vjknair 12 years 38 weeks ago
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Makes total sense

The first observation is that freeware is not the same as free software.

Secondly this makes total sense for microsoft, since malware is a huge problem on Windows and has been for many years - primarily due to fundamental design flaws in the OS. Many users are becoming tired of the "security software" circus rides, scaremongering, scams and escalating subscription costs. A few are even beginning to become aware of alternative systems which don't need anti-virus software.

To keep people using Windows, microsoft needs to tame the security circus menagerie and offer at least some basic level of security "out of the box" so that their users don't immediately become members of a botnet as soon as they connect to the internet. I think this is what this freeware release is all about.

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