I’m a firm believer in the idea that if you pay for hardware, you should be able to make full use of it. However, DRM and content protection mechanisms are increasingly making this difficult for people.

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Another reason not to downgrade to Vista

This kind of stuff is totally unacceptable in my opinion. Sure, you can install other tools to get around the problem, but you can be pretty sure that whatever loopholes those tools are using will be shut down in future "service packs" or forced installs.

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Another whining brat

Anyone who is still using Windows deserves the problems this article discusses. Whiners like this don't like DRM because it interrupts them from watching movies yet, they are blind to the fact that it attacks their freedoms. I have no patience for these whiners and think we need to start calling them on their "it's all about me and what I want" mentality. Installing a band aid like AnyDVD on their freedom restricting operating system is a joke of a solution. If they had any integrity, they'd be running as fast as they could to a freedom granting operating system like GNU/Linux.

Oh and if you're thinking about responding by telling us how hard GNU/Linux is to use or that it might not "support" feature foo or bar out of the box, spare me. I could care less.

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It Would be Amusing if M$ Didn't have a Monopoly

If there were a truly free market, Microsoft wouldn't get away with the DRM, as well charging ridiculously high price.(In theory, an efficient market dictate that all software goods to be 0, the marginal cost of production for softwares)

In a free market, M$ is an amusement for the rest of the industry, But when M$ ruled the industry, it is a social catastrophe.

*Copyright creates monopolies. Copyleft promote the free market.

*"Monopoly corrupts. Absolute monopoly corrupts absolutely"-- http://againstmonopoly.org

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