Australians and New Zealanders will be expected to conform our laws with US copyright laws, yet we don't get to vote in US elections. The American Revolution was fought over this very same principle!

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Yankee, go home!

Don't tell us what we will legislate in our own lands, Mr Obomba!

If you want to try that caper you'll need to give us the vote in your own country and let us run our own candidates in all of your elections. Maybe, you'd like to try your luck by running for election in our countries, then?

We really don't need your shifty FBI goons sneaking around our countries, trying to extort money from our free citizens, so that your RIAA and MPAA can pay their drug bills before the Mafia comes round and whacks them all.

Ohh, you'll send your navy around to bomb all our schools and hospitals back into the stone age, like you just did to Libya, if we don't.

America: land of the secret detention facility, home of the terminally corrupt.

What's that infernal buzzing noise coming from over the roo...


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