With Felten on board, the FTC is uniquely positioned to deal with the myriad issues from the Roundtables in ways that protect consumer privacy without hampering innovation.

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Significant appointment

Professor Felton's appointment as Chief Technologist to the FTC is pretty much as significant to the Free Software Community as would Richard Stallman being appointed to the position.

Professor Felton has a first class track record.

* Princeton professor of computer science and public affairs (and former EFF board member)

* He was the lead computer science expert witness for the Department of Justice in the Microsoft antitrust case.

* "Broke" the digital audio watermark technologies the music industry had created to restrict the copying of music.

* Felten became the lead plaintiff in a case challenging the music industry's attempts to silence his reporting of his findings.

* In 2005, Felten and his students published critical information about the Sony BMG rootkit, exposing a computer security vulnerability being secretly installed onto the computers of countless consumers of music CDs.

* He led teams of graduate students in uncovering the dangerous flaws in various electronic voting machines — despite legal intimidation from voting machine manufacturers.

Felton is just the person we need in the position to which he has been appointed.

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