There has been a lot of pro-Mono and anti-Mono arguments assaulting the community of late. The debate is not new but both sides have taken up arms since some distributions have decided to either remove Mono or include Mono by default.

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Reframing the debate: Who/what is the real enemy?

The enemy is not Mono. The enemy is not Novell. The enemy might not even be Microsoft in and of itself.

The enemy here is software patents.

Should we be attacking Mono and those working on/with it, or should we instead be focusing on the real problem, the system of software patents that make Mono (and some other F/OSS projects) feared, uncertain, and doubted?

The article doesn't quite say it in such words, but it almost seems (to me) to portray the use of Mono (where F/OSS applications based on it are best-in-class) as a form of civil disobedience.

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