Patents could lead to the mutually assured destruction of the software industry and the parading of pledged patents in the opening of a dispute between IBM and TurboHercules threatens to upset the only progress towards a safer world for open source

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IBM justified

Both Groclaw and Boycott Novell have examined this case and not only concluded that IBM is justified in taking defensive measures against TurboHercules, but also note that TurboHercules is representing a M$-sponsored group, in this dispute, that is dedicated to attacking IBM.

This, really, should set a whole carillon of alarm-bells ringing in the Free Software Community.

There is nothing that would get Ballmer rubbing his hands together with glee more than the thought of creating trouble between the Free Software Community and IBM.

TurboHercules also operates under a "funny" license that is incompatible with the GPL.

All this begins to sound disturbingly familiar.




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