This version introduces parallelized encryption and decryption on multi-core processors (or multi-processor systems). Increase in encryption/decryption speed is directly proportional to the number of cores and/or processors. For example, on a quad-core processor, encryption and decryption is four times faster than on a single-core processor with equivalent specifications

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Don't confuse gratis with software freedom.

It should be clear that when Truecrypt.org talks about Truecrypt being "free and open source" they mean gratis, free as in zero price.

Also, two questions: Does section III.1.d. of their license forbid commercial distribution of any Truecrypt derivative?

Section VI.2. looks like it tries to take away rights your region grants—"YOU MAY NOT USE, MODIFY, COPY, CREATE DERIVATIVE WORKS OF, (RE)DISTRIBUTE, OR SUBLICENSE THIS PRODUCT, OR PORTION(S) THEREOF, EXCEPT AS EXPRESSLY PROVIDED IN THIS LICENSE (EVEN IF APPLICABLE LAW GIVES YOU MORE RIGHTS)." where infringement is punished by termination of what rights the license grants; is that correct?

I'm not convinced that Truecrypt would qualify as a free software license. Whether it qualifies as an open source license I leave to those who follow that movement.

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TrueCrypt License Version 2.5 is Acceptably Free

The bit you have quoted is from TrueCrypt License Version 2.5. This section by it self would make this licence non-free. Together with the rest of the TrueCrypt License Version 2.5, licensees have adequate right to their essential freedoms. This licence is a strong copyleft licence. The implication of this specific licence is that it is a usage, modification and distribution licence; you only get to practise your essential freedoms as long as you comply with the licence.

While this specific licence is fairly complex compared to other copyleft licences, all the requirements are workable and fair. This has my personal approval. Of course, you should not just take my word for it and get your own legal counsel to help you interpret these matters.

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I haven't looked into the

I haven't looked into the restrictions of their licensing, but its certainly free software, hence listing it here.

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It does not seem to be free as in freedom

From their licence (Section III, 1.c)

'Phrase "Based on TrueCrypt, freely available at http://www.truecrypt.org/" must be displayed by Your Product (if technically feasible) and contained in its documentation. Alternatively, if This Product or its portion You included in Your Product constitutes only a minor portion of Your Product, phrase "Portions of this product are based in part on TrueCrypt, freely available at http://www.truecrypt.org/" may be displayed instead.'

AFAICS that bit prohibits what I may do with the software and therefore restricts freedom 1. You are not permitted to modify the program as you see fit.

The fact that it appears on this site does not automatically mean it is free software. The admins here are very busy people.

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