Apple has streamlined the process of dual booting Windows on your Mac, but when it comes to Linux, Boot Camp isn't so friendly. Here's how to triple-boot your Mac with OS X, Windows 7, and the shiny new Ubuntu 10.04.

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Triple-boot Mac?

If you've got a Mac, dual-booting M$, you've already got everything.** What would you want with Free Software?

** DRMs galore, M$ and Mac spyware, viruses, trojans and assorted malware(courtesy of M$), bloatware, threat-filled EULAs, hypertension, empty bank account.......

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Not to Mention...

Despite Apple's best attempts to generate hype for their product, the fact remains that a Mac is little more than an X86 platform running with EFI. In the days where the mighty PowerPC processor powered them, there was actually a compelling reason to use the Mac at the very least for the hardware. However, Apple threw that away to cut costs.

If you're willing to put aside some time and effort, building your own PC is sometimes the best way to go. I personally would recommend checking out the FSF's resources on entirely Free Software desktops. Granted, you may have to flash Coreboot to the motherboard yourself as well as hunt down these particular models, but you'll have a system that is absolutely guaranteed to work with a GNU/Linux distribution of your choice. Free drivers, free codecs, free everything...the sky's the limit!


My only regret is that there currently aren't really any Free Software laptops, save for the XO or the Yeloong Lemote. Hopefully that'll change down the road.

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