I have no idea whether this is satire, but there seems to be an influx of dumb posts about Ubuntu lately. This seems to take the cake.

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Rabbi Ishmael Goldberg?

A quick search for this bloke didn't come up with that combination but then he sounds too dumb to actually get his name spread around the internet, anyway. Rabbi, or not, I do hope he infected his system with Vista and that its given him all he deserves.

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I'm running Ubuntu Satanic Edition and I'm loving my underpaid, disgusting, sweaty, AIDS infected, black smoking hot OS.

Am I going to Hell? I hope they use open source there. I hear the heating daemon is a bit buggy. OMG! My OS is run by daemons! :O

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This guy is either doing this for satire or is a troll. This post plays upon the stereotype of the "greedy and bigoted Jewish male". He also plays the holocaust card despite never having experienced it directly; the holocaust was bad but it is no different to the equally appauling genocide occurring to other nations in that same time period.

Nobody in this day and age can seriously claim to be intelligent and be so bigoted at the same.

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Mr. Psychopath

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I just noticed...he has a mixed up name.

"Ishmael" is a Muslim name, "Goldberg" is a Jewish one.

Guess it's just a flame, then.

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15 years 45 weeks 2 days 12 hours ago


Rabbi Ishmael

Yeah, I thought that too, at first, but when I searched his name it kept coming up with other Rabbi Ishmaels that were used in the context of early centuries AD, so it must be an acceptable Jewish name after all.

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15 years 45 weeks 1 day 15 hours ago


Not A Rabbi

I am an orthodox Jew. Jews simply do not name their children Ishmael. Both Jewish and Muslim traditions hold that Ishmael was the ancestor of Muslims while Isaac was the ancestor of Jews. While there was one Rabbi recorded in the Talmud (Rabbi Ishmael ben Elisha) with this name, it is extraordinarily uncommon.

Further, Jewish rabbis do not talk like that. It is a grave sin to speak ill of anyone, this is called Lashon Hara (the evil language). No Jew I know would *ever* openly or privately put down black people, africans or any group. Even more so, Jews and blacks have long worked together, as oppressed peoples, to end segregation and racial/religious intolerance.

This person is very likely not to be Jewish in my opinion and he most certainly does not represent Jewish thought, values, morals or general opinion. I can't distance myself enough from his words.

Lastly, I have used Linux exclusively since 2003 and could not be happier.

Shavua Tov (have a good week),

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