Microsoft - and all its DRM buddies - continue to claim up to this very day that DRM won't affect the consumer too much, "given that cost (..) is most heavily influenced by volume". However, behind closed doors the bird is singing quite another song. The following is taken from a presentation at the WinHEC 2005. Read this and shiver.

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The masses don't know or care about

The masses don't know or care about DRM. They will continue to purchase DRMd goods thus supporting these companies. Education is the best way to combat DRM.

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Supporting DRM will eventually

Supporting DRM will eventually become suicide for these companies especially when drm-less hardwares begin to win favors and acceptance in the marketplace.

Like the neo1973.

Protesting DRM in the street is unnecessary, because their business model is already flawed in the first place. A better method is to be supporting of DRM-less hardwares to accelerate these companies' defeat.

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aboutblank: Some of them will


Some of them will get annoyed by DRM technologies. They will complain and look elsewhere.

But that is not all. The market force come into play. DRM have little evidence for contributing to the bottom line. It may be that removing DRM technologies that boost someone's profits.

If they refuse to do it right, someone else will eventually do it right. Eventually they'll be forced to adopt DRM less hardware.

DRM-less is a competitive advantage. It is inevitable that DRM will fall out of favor.

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