While the bloggers in my neighborhood seem to be trying to catalog the FOSS users as if we were a species of butterfly or something, I thought I'd contribute to the noise. Only my offering will be a taxonomy of those writers whose mighty corporate paychecks make them columnists while their desire to roll around on the floor with the kids and be cool makes them "bloggers". And then we'll narrow that field down to the ones who turn their attention to open source software.

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Easy way to counter them

Take the free software purist high ground and remind the world about the nature of the computer world. Id est, computer programs are a set of instructions designed to make a computer do something useful, there will always be a reason for a user to require improvements to programs, free software is not necessarily cheaper than proprietary software.

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Easy way to get rid of the "Reverse Psychologists"

It's easy. Just make Gnome have only one panel, change Ubuntu's default colour scheme to blue, and enable use of root for everyday tasks. Then all the Reverse Psychologists will immediately switch to Linux, full-time. Won't they?

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"Reverse Psychologists"

These are also known as "concern trolls" in political forums.

They pretend to be on your side but their true goal is to subvert your goals.

They are easily confused with sincere critics and sincere critics often are mistaken for the insidious concern troll.

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