An analysis of some recent tensions between the views of RMS and that of Linus.

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My response cross-posted from BoycottNovell.org

“The main post of this post has been to show that Torvalds’ and Stallman’s thinking is not so different after all.” - Roy Schestowitz

Torvalds’ and Stallman’s thinking is different on some very important issues.

Stallman’s thinking has a wider scope, a longer view and has been more relevant to society.

Linus Torvalds does not aspire to such visionary or ideological purposes, which is ok, so long as he can avoid saying judgmental things against Stallman’s work which began before Torvalds’ participation and continues beyond the scope of Torvalds’ work on the Linux Kernel project.

Linus Torvalds is a decent and likable guy. So are Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.

The difference is that none of those three guys understands software as it relates to society to the degree that Richard Stallman understands it.

Freedom is the most important and Stallman won’t be distracted from it.