Yes, Microsoft is demanding — and in many cases, receiving royalties — from companies selling devices that run Android, an operating system based on Linux. This shows that its place in the world remains complicated. Though it’s moving to the web, it is still very much a company that makes money selling software — and it still has an interest in protecting this business. But these battles aren’t always what they seem. Android isn’t as much an open source project as a Google project.

The world is not black and white. And neither is the world of software. Not everyone realizes this. But Bill Gates did. And Microsoft is the better for it.

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Lest we forget

There seems to be a cyclic phenomena where these dupes appear and earnestly inform us that M$ has now changed and we can all live together in peace, for ever more.

The only changes M$ ever makes is when they suddenly get 100% worse. Then these peaceniks suddenly go very quiet until it's time for their next outbreak.

M$ will never change. It is a corporation based in a culture of theft. They have never been innovators, but merely thieves. They'd dearly love to thieve Free Software in its entirety, but in the meantime they'll settle for ripping off any little bits they can lay their claws on. Like the jackals they are.

Of course, sneaky little Billy has moved onto bigger and better crimes. Now, he's planning to use bodgy vaccines to help the UN murder untold billions of people.

Even Stalin and Mao never aimed quite that high.

In his own words;


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