I hate Ubuntu. I immediately lose respect for anyone who runs it, and especially those who advocate it. Here’s why...

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Created by sdastidar 15 years 8 weeks ago
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Totally disagree

As I can see, author hates Ubuntu because it has great success on a market, between users against other distribution. Maybe Ubuntu did not create anything, except just combining of different software together (yet another GNU/Linux distribution), but is it bad? What did the author find bad there??? I agree that RedHat made much greater code contribution to the whole community, but imho they do not think about freedom, about users. I can not see why we have to have Ubuntu, because it did not develop as much as RedHat. And why we are talking only about RedHat? I do not like Ubuntu too (I like Debian), but for users I will recommend exactly it, and only it (actually gNewSense of course at once). I am developer and imho Ubuntu is not as stable as Debian, but I respect it, I support it, that I will never do with RedHat-related distribution for example. I see that it is very user-friendly and it thinks about freedom (not ideally of course).

Happy hacking

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15 years 7 weeks 2 days 16 hours ago


Red Hat doesn't think about freedom?

Maybe you are not aware of this:


In fact, if anything, I think that Fedora has been more reluctant than Ubuntu to include non-free software (see e.g., certain hardware drivers).

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spreads hate

spreads hate
I found a lot of bugs in using Ubuntu, but spreading hate is no solution and certainly won't solve anything.

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I think the author hates more than Ubuntu.

In the comments he called Ubuntu the "Messiah Distro" which was probably a reference to Obama who has been derided as a "messiah" by the talking-points of right-wing critics.

Also, Ubuntu is a word from Swahili, a language spoken in Kenya, the country of origin of Barack Obama's father.

Also, the author is from Arizona, home of defeated presidential candidate, John McCain.

I think this guy is bitter about the way the election turned out.

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