The developers of Pligg (the engine behind FSDaily) are willing to sell Pligg. The problem here is not the selling but what they are saying.
It is unbelievable that they miss completely what is the FSM, what "community" means and where they will be today if that community didn't have promoted them. They even call us free-riders in a very offensive way. Read more at the forum.

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Yes FSDaily is still running on

Yes FSDaily is still running on pligg... for now.

However, as soon as the alternative is ready we will shift over to Drupal + Drupligg and release the drupligg module under the GPL so that the community can help us make it better - both for the community and for FSDaily. The most exciting part to me is the idea of the community helping us work out the best promotion and burial formulae.

I experienced similar problems in the forums.

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I didn't want to mention it in

I didn't want to mention it in my previous comments but this is one of the big reasons for us (FSDaily) building our own [pl/d]igg-module for Drupal, called Drupligg. Another reason is that anyone who has looked at the way pligg is built would switch to another option if there was one available. Yet another is that the current license for pligg requires the footer to contain pligg's link and license.

I don't think the devs really understand free software.

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Hem! Hem! Is Drupligg available

Hem! Hem! Is Drupligg available somewhere for testing? :)

But FSDaily *is still* powered by Pligg, right?

And they didn't understood for sure or they are so confused that it will bring them more sorrow than happiness.

I posted there 12 issues and some were replied some weren't: http://forums.pligg.com/pligg-news/8177-official-statement-regarding-pli...

I do think that with Free Software we can only earn money with a great product, great community, great support and great add-on services. Never with a fee on the downloadable code.

Sourceforge got a solution to earn money with the downloads (the most expensive stuff): advertising on the page to pay their costs and something more + advertising for the mirror partner to cover the effective download costs.

Today a Free Software project has tons of ways to reduce the trafic costs burden just outsourcing (SF.Net, Google Code, Berlios, FSF Savanah) the versioning system, package downloads, maillists, forums and even the "official" site hosting. And in most of this places that can still pledge for sponsors without being blamed.

Why do they need to sell a product community forum? This is not an asset at all. They don't even have (like Meneame) something like FSDaily to have a users community.

Go guess!

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First of all the pligg code is

First of all the pligg code is a mess. Most of the functionality isn't really there - it looks like it's there but a lot of it isn't. They say it's version 9.7 beta. But it's actually 0.9.7beta.

I have also seen the devs and community debating in the forums (can't find the link now) whether to charge for additional modules. That led me to believe that they were planning on stripping pligg back to the core functionality (seeing as they hardly have the core functionality working yet that wouldn't take much effort) and then selling or leasing all additional functionality in the form of modules.

Then I heard that the devs were rebuilding pligg from scratch so that it could be licensed under a more restrictive license (from what I understand non-commercial... at the very least).

Now if they really are planning on overhauling and rebuilding pligg under a new license... then why not sell of the old version seeing as they aren't planning on maintaining it anyway? Then they'll probably try to lure the community over to the new version once the buyers realise what crap they bought.

Makes good business sense. Not community sense... but business sense.

Sounds like this Drupligg module will be a good way to go. Drupal has a massive community and just keeps getting better and better. Add a cool module to it to turn it into a digg-style site and you'll make a lot of people happy.

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16 years 33 weeks 6 days 3 hours ago


(I've just registered for this

(I've just registered for this comment, but don't take it as spam :-P)

You guys should know about the existence of "Meneame". Actually Pligg is an early fork of Meneame that added english support and Smarty templates.
Even the Pligg's SF project is (wrongly) called "meneame" xD

Meneame is and always has been Free Software. It's licensed under Affero GPL http://meneame.net/COPYING and there's a public SVN with the changes http://svn.meneame.net/

The main developer Ricardo Galli, is a member and speaker of the FSF http://www.gnu.org/people/speakers.html so you can expect that the project will remain free and without tricks like Pligg's one...

There's a (somewhat outdated) english translation
And you can ask for help at "The Sneaker" (diggspy clone with chat) http://meneame.net/sneak.php (registering is need to see the chat) or by mailing it's creator: gallir at gmail

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16 years 33 weeks 5 days 10 hours ago


Yep! I know that :) On my comments

Yep! I know that :)

On my comments on their forum I put 12 issues and one of them is just that one ;)

Although I'm not anymore connected with FSDaily I was at the start of this more Digg'ed styled version and we did test for several months versions of various Digg clones and the Pligg competition was even worse.
Even Meneame wasn't what it is today so this was the choosen one.

If it was today I would proposed Meneame or two other ones that work faster/better than Pligg.

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16 years 33 weeks 5 days 10 hours ago


Hum! I cannot comment to Dave so

Hum! I cannot comment to Dave so you are the victim to get the comment, eheh :D

Someone did it (http://drupaligg.programmingbulls.com/).

@ Dave
Are you connect to them? It seems a good starting point for it. I didn't test it yet but they may have miss Merc's karma module (http://drupal.org/node/146288).

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16 years 33 weeks 5 days 8 hours ago


No we are not affiliated with those

No we are not affiliated with those guys. I hadn't seen it; don't know if Tony had.

I'd rather Tony (merc) builds what we use for fsdaily anyway though. That way we know for sure that someone who knows what they are doing is behind the wheel. I know I can rely on him to a) code it properly, b) get it done c) document it properly, d) add new features when asked, e) actively and properly maintain it.

You see we've been stung getting involved and working on modules maintained by other people before.

Besides the bulk of the work is already done because Tony is basing drupligg off the karma module he has already developed for FSM. We have someone to ajaxify everything once that's done.

Submission, voting, burying, promotion, and commenting should all be a lot better with drupligg than with pligg. Karma for users will actually work! After the basics are there we'll need to work on things like the "live/diggspy" feature, friends, PMing, cool backend stuff, and more. Hopefully the community will be able to help with some of those things.

Best karma users