At the turn of this decade Miguel de Icaza was the unblemished hero of the free software movement and chief architect and co-creator, with Federica Mena, of the GNOME project, which had come into being as the free software response to KDE. Now de Icaza is regarded with suspicion because of his support for Mono. What happened to bring about this change?

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Remember this!

Miguel de Icaza also works for the greatest sell-out, to M$, in the history of Free Software; the notorious Novell.

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More balanced than the title implies

(The question mark TFA's original title does make a little bit of difference, however.)

The article doesn't paint an exclusively negative picture of Miguel de Icaza and his continued advocacy for Mono. It offers a more sympathetic view of his motivations while still addressing some of the concerns surrounding the controversy.

I found this to be an interesting read.