The GNOME Foundation and the Mozilla Foundation announced today that they will increase their collaboration to improve developer support and user experience of desktop applications on GNU/Linux and other free software systems.

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This is the news of the year for me!! :)

This is the news of the year for me!! :)

- This avoids the possible Microsoft “embrace and extend” tactics through an opensource XAML/WPF implementation... Hope this avoids to put Silverlight technologies (moonlight) in free software browsers...

- There's real potential to create a complete desktop environment built on XUL. Unfortunately, XulRunner doesn't seem to be a Mozilla priority anyway; so, this deal allows Mozilla to invest into platform features and tools that do not benefit their web strategies...

- In other words, it's a deal that anticipates desktop and web convergence, and could kill the potential risk that Adobe technologies (Apollo) becomes a standard on the desktop (think about the Web OS trend, gOS...)

Last but not least, GNOME is part of the GNU Project. It should become a top priority for the next years and merge today with the Gnuzilla project!!!

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16 years 5 weeks 5 days 19 hours ago


Mozillla offically ignores half of the Linux users out there.

Sadly, it doesn't stop much with folks like Miguel itching to get more and more MS tech into open source, though GNOME where possible.

What it does do, however, is permanently exile users of KDE, xFCE and so on which isn't good for the Linux desktop in any way shape or form.

Shame on the Firefox Foundation for this.



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16 years 5 weeks 5 days 17 hours ago


The free software

The free software implementations of MS technology are completely optional. They may be part of the GNOME project but nobody recommends that we depend on them. We recommend that all developers target technologies that have always been free.

The programs that come out of this partnership are going to be free. This means that if you have a requirement that the programs do not fulfill, you have the right to get the program changed so that it does get fulfilled. If you require that these programs be integrated into a KDE or xFCE environment, you should get the program fixed to make it so. If you don't know how to tinker with computer programs, you should sponsor a software developer to do it for you.

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