I’ve spent recent days praising Ubuntu’s simplicity. My $1,400 investment in a screaming Dell machine running Ubuntu was money well spent. But I also realize Ubuntu won’t appeal to all users. In fact, I can think of at least four key reasons why many Mac and Windows users won’t want an Ubuntu PC. Here they are.

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What a pile of bs this is. I only

What a pile of bs this is. I only voted for it because I think we should all know that even our fs community members can be full of ignorance. In fact, I'm sure the author was just trying to get dugg. So maybe I shouldn't give him the attention he is after.

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Reasons: 4. Did he ever heard


4. Did he ever heard about Wine ( http://www.winehq.org/ ) or CrossOver Office ( http://www.codeweavers.com )?
3. Many of my equipment do not support even Windows XP. Why shall I drop my eight years Epson or my Win Modem (that works fine under Linux) just because Microsoft and the producer decided not to make drivers for it anymore?
2. Again, did this guy heard about Cedega ( http://www.cedega.com )? Is it okay to pay for a version of Microsoft Windows to play games but buying a piece of software like this for 55 USD annually just to play them on Linux... Oh! No! Not in his lifetime.
1. Did he heard of amaroK ( http://amarok.kde.org/wiki/Media_Devices ) or Exaile ( http://www.exaile.org ) plugin for iPod.

Must agree with Jimbom: "What a pile of bs this is"
Does this guy even know how to use Google? I found reason ONE in a few seconds right now.

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Forget Cedega and Wine, all the

Forget Cedega and Wine, all the drawbacks that the Author mentions have OSS alternatives.
Ok, maybe the number of Games in Linux are less.... but like he said, most people prefer console like XBox and PS3s rather than Windows Gaming.
That apart, the only reason to avoid Ubuntu is, if you are a MS or Apple employee ;-D

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He seems to be unaware of any distinction

He seems to be unaware of any distinction between Linux and Ubuntu. The latter has had fantastic growth and success in the last couple of years but there are many Linux distros and nothing he said is particular to linux.

Everyone is entitled to his opinion but we are wasting our time reading such an uninformed piece

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