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FSF certifies ThinkPenguin USB Wifi adapter with Atheros chip to be free software friendly 4 years 37 weeks ago promoted
Don’t let the myths fool you: the W3C’s plan for DRM in HTML5 is a betrayal to all Web users. 4 years 38 weeks ago promoted
Registration opens for LibrePlanet 2013: "commit change", a conference on software & social justice! 4 years 47 weeks ago archived
Stop the inclusion of proprietary licenses in Creative Commons 4.0 5 years 21 weeks ago promoted
Microsoft Threat Management Gateway blocks under the category of "Gambling" 5 years 31 weeks ago promoted
Last chance to fund Tube, a Blender film affirming free software's viability for animators all over 5 years 36 weeks ago archived
Final rush for FSF membership drive! 5 years 50 weeks ago promoted
Ubuntu 10.04 Post-Install Guide: What to do and try after installing Lucid Lynx! 7 years 38 weeks ago archived
< 2 hours left to vote for free codecs in YouTube and only 280 needed to be #1 again! 7 years 40 weeks ago promoted
Top things to do after installing Ubuntu 9.10 Karmic Koala 8 years 12 weeks ago archived