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HUD: Ubuntu`s New Smart Menus, Announced By Mark Shuttleworth


Mark Shuttleworth has announced HUD, or Head-Up Display, a replacement for application menus in Unity which should solve many issues with existing menus "by connecting users directly to what they want".

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Examining the usability of KDE Plasma, Gnome and Unity


TechRadar has gathered a few users and subjected the 3 main Linux desktops to some usability testing for both experienced users and some new to the whole concept

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Shuttleworth Misses the Point Yet Again


There are a number of quotes in the article from the originator of the Ubuntu Linux distribution, Mark Shuttleworth, that clearly attest to the fact he is completely missing what so many people find wrong with Unity.

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Ubuntu and the price of Unity


Canonical's decision to go with the Unity shell on GNOME may be a game changer for Ubuntu, but it doesn't come without risk. Mark Shuttleworth's declared aims are to unite design with free software.

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Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook review


Ubuntu 10.10 Netbook Edition is the version of Ubuntu optimized for netbooks and other small screen computers. This article offers a detailed review, with emphasis on Unity, the new desktop interface that ships with it.

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First Impressions of Unity


Mark Shuttleworth and Canonical unveiled the new Ayatana work that has been happening. Unity is a new interface for Ubuntu Netbook Edition which targets the instant-on market. What does Unity look like on my netbook? Take a look.

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