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Why Football Should Be Free

UEFA President Michel Platini spoke to the Friends of Football group of MEPs, setting out his vision for football, for UEFA and for the relationship between UEFA and the EU. “Football is a game before a product, a sport before a market, a show before a business”. As sports are a major cultural activity, we have to judge its effect on society.

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The War on Sharing: Why the FSF Cares About RIAA Lawsuits

"In one of RIAA’s high profile cases the Free Software Foundation backed defendant Joel Tenenbaum, much to the dislike of the music industry lobby. John Sullivan, Operations Manager at the FSF explains in a guest post why they think these cases impact not just music, but also free software and its technology..."

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Web designer opposes France's "3 strikes" law, loses job

Patrick Le Lay: « TF1's business is to help Coca-Cola sell its products. For an advert to be effective, the viewer's brain has to be available. Our programmes are made so that their brain becomes available, that is to say to entertain them, make them feel relaxed to get them ready between two commercials.

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Rupert Murdoch: "The current days of the internet will soon be over"

"...In the offensive-defensive technological arms race between the corporate state’s attempts to keep proprietary content under lockdown, and free people who want to freely distribute information, the latter will always be a step ahead.

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[FSF] Free Software Supporter -- Issue 6, July 2008

## In this issue
* It's not the Gates, it's the bars
* Act on ACTA!
* Fight the Canadian DMCA!
* Rhapsody and Naxos go DRM free
* Refusing Digital Monitoring Policies
* 5 reasons to avoid iPhone 3G
* activist group to focus on freedom in network services
* is
* GNU spotlight with Karl Berry
* Richard Stallman's speaking schedule
* Take action!

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Speak out against ACTA

"ACTA, the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement, is a proposed enforcement treaty between United States, the European Community, Switzerland, Japan, Australia, the Republic of Korea, New Zealand and Mexico, with Canada set to join any day now..."

* [...]

Take action! ..."

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