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FFmpeg's VP8 Decoder Blasts Google's Decoder


The ffvp8 library is this new VP8 decoder created by three FFmpeg developers and after a few weeks of work it's already complete enough to be bit-exact with that of Google's libvpx, while it's much faster than the official decoder.

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< 2 hours left to vote for free codecs in YouTube and only 280 needed to be #1 again!


YouTube is having a special vote where only partners are allowed to submit ideas which leaves out most FLOSS people but i have a partner account and am submitting on our behalf!

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H.264 - A sting in the tail


The search for the next-generation video codec for the open web has reached an impasse. Few of the options are truly open or free, and those that are free are not being pushed by the major forces.

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Free Software Foundation: Google should free the web from Flash and H.264


Although Google's take-over of On2 Technologies has only just been completed, already the Free Software Foundation (FSF) is calling on the company to release On2's video codec technology as a patent free standard.

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