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Fedora 10 preview release shines like a star

The Fedora developers have announced the availability of the Fedora 10 Preview Release, the last prerelease prior to the final launch. This version is reasonably robust and is suitable for testing.

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Hugin panoramic photo editor extends its reach

The developers of the free panoramic photo editor Hugin released version 0.7 this month, culminating a two-year development cycle. The new release incorporates key new technical abilities and usability improvements to help demystify the panorama creation process for the average shooter.

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16 3.0 is an incremental improvement 3.0, which is being released today, is not the great leap forward in look and feel that version 2.0 represented, but it justifies its label as a major release with dozens of changes, some major, some minor, but in all more than can be easily summarized.

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Rockbox 3.0 released

Rockbox 3.0 was packaged just now and is being made available as I write this. The download mirrors just have to fetch all the zips (should be done within 30 minutes or so).

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GNU IceCat-3.0.2-g1 released


I am pleased to announce the new 3.0.2-g1 version for the GNU IceCat web browser, based on the latest Mozilla Firefox 3.0.2 source code.»

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