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London Stock Exchange smashes world record trade speed with GNU/Linux

The London Stock Exchange has said its new Linux-based system is delivering world record networking speed, with 126 microsecond trading times. The news comes ahead a major Linux-based switchover in twelve days, during which the open source system will replace Microsoft .Net technology on the group's main stock exchange.

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LSE Must Hurry up Migrating to GNU/Linux (Windows Has Just Crashed Again)

The trading system in London suffered another major crash this morning and a permanent GNU/Linux replacement is on its way

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Why the London Stock Exchange went for Linux

The London Stock Exchange will switch to a Linux-based platform trading system, but it's not because of a love of open source.

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Open Source Makes Big Gains at the London Stock Exchange

At first sight, news that the London Stock Exchange (LSE) is moving from the Microsoft .Net-based TradElect to the GNU/Linux-based MillenniumIT system, is just another win for free software. But the details provide some fascinating insights.

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London Stock Exchange to abandon failed Windows platform

Anyone who was ever fool enough to believe that Microsoft software was good enough to be used for a mission-critical operation had their face slapped this September when the LSE (London Stock Exchange)'s Windows-based TradElect system brought the market to a standstill for almost an entire day.

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