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Hunting Rootkits with rkhunter Video Tutorial

A rootkit is software that is installed on your server with the purpose of hiding the fact that your server has been compromised and providing access to your server so that the intruder can easily return. It is important to understand that in order for an intruder to install a rootkit they will have to have gained the rights to do so on your server.

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Installing Nessus 3.2.1 on 64-Bit Ubuntu

Nessus is a great security audit tool, and it works quite well with Ubuntu. But, if you install Nessus from the Ubuntu repositories, you're going to be stuck with an older version. If you need the better functionality of the newest version, you'll need to download it from the website.

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Ultimate Security Proxy With Tor

Nowadays, within the growing web 2.0 environment you may want to have some anonymity, and use other IP addresses than your own IP. Or, for some special purposes - a few IPs or more, frequently changed. So no one will be able to track you. A solution exists, and it is called Tor Project, or simply tor.

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Video: Linux HOWTO, Secure Your Data with GnuPG

This tutorial shows how you can use GnuPG to secure and verify data on your Linux box but the first part is relevant for Windows users too.

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