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What the heck is FreeDOS?

I went to the Pikom PC Fair yesterday and I noticed several brands sold with “FreeDOS”. These brands include Acer, Asus, HP, and (I’m told) Dell. None of the sellers seem to know what FreeDOS is, and when asked about it most of them offer to install an unlicensed (illegal) copy of Windows 7 for free with the purchase of the computer.

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New life for dead software

If you yearn for the operating systems or arcade games of the past, and are willing to make the effort to bring them back to life, free and open source software is definitely the way to go. Green screens and might-have beens, operating systems and games, BeOS, Amiga OS or DOS can be relived and replayed through a host of emulators, simulators or rewrites in varying stages of completion.

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Cultivating Open Source Software

James Hall, of freeDOS fame, talks about how to run and maintain an open source project.

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James Hall on Free and Open Source Software

James Hall is a very experienced software and system engineer who is probably best known for creating and maintaining the freeDOS project for several years. James is eminently qualified to provide an oriention to FOSS and to discuss its sometimes obvious and sometimes rather nuanced significance.

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15 years of FreeDOS

Originally released on the 28th of June 1994, FreeDOS is now 15 years old. FreeDOS is a free open source DOS clone. The current release, version 1.0, was released in early September of 2006 and is licensed under GPL.

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