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Critics label cybercrime bill 'invasion of privacy'


Draconian Australian Cybercrime Bill would allow the Attorney General to hand over Australian data to US security services on request, with no subsequent oversight on how long that data might be retained, or how it might be used.

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Alleged FBI backdoor in OpenBSD's IPSEC Stack


Theo de Raadt has made public an email sent to him by Gregory Perry, who worked on the OpenBSD crypto framework a decade ago. The claim is that the FBI paid contractors to insert backdoors into OpenBSD's IPSEC stack. Mr. Perry is coming forward now that his non-disclosure agreement with the FBI has expired.

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DOJ Pushing to Expand Warrantless Access to Internet Records


This morning's Washington Post reveals that the Department Of Justice has been pressuring Congress to expand its power to obtain records of Americans' private Internet activity through the use of National Security Letters (NSLs).

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FBI, CIPAV, and the Windows Back Doors Revisited


How (and why) the American secret services rely on Windows

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