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10 steps to getting a Haiku VM running

BeOS was one of those promising operating systems that never really managed to gain any kind of market share. The Haiku project has taken it upon themselves to continue the development of BeOS, and has slowly been making their way to a version 1.0 release.

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ZevenOS-Neptune 1.9 is ready

We the ZevenOS Team are proud to announce the release of ZevenOS-Neptune 1.9. ZevenOS-Neptune is a ZevenOS Distro based fully upon Debian Squeeze, except for a newer kernel and some drivers.

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New life for dead software

If you yearn for the operating systems or arcade games of the past, and are willing to make the effort to bring them back to life, free and open source software is definitely the way to go. Green screens and might-have beens, operating systems and games, BeOS, Amiga OS or DOS can be relived and replayed through a host of emulators, simulators or rewrites in varying stages of completion.

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