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Getting started with Arduino Uno on Ubuntu

Unboxing Arduino Uno and getting started for Arduino development on Ubuntu Maverick.

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On Feminism and Microcontrollers

Benjamin Mako Hill blogs about a sewable microcontroller called LilyPad Arduino by Leah Beuchley; how it's geared towards women; and reports on the extent of its adoption by women.

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Arduino announces new open/free hardware products

Arduino is getting a new logo, has acquired its own USB Vendor ID, owns Arduino branded webstore, is launching two new board and announcing some upcoming products and also several upgrades to existing hardware.

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FSFE Fellowship interview with David Reyes Samblas Martinez

David Reyes Samblas Martinez is the founder of Spanish Copyleft Hardware store Tuxbrain, and attended the famous Open University of Catalunya. He’s also the subject of this month’s Fellowship interview, in which he answers questions on hardware manufacturing, e-learning and Free Software politics.

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Arduino - the hardware revolution

As we watched for signs of hope in netbook sales, Drupal sites and partly-FOSS Android phones, a revolution was taking place all around, in the physical world but not entirely away from the internet.

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Getting up close and personal with the Arduino

[Jonathan] Oxer [...] will be conducting a mini-conference, a one-day workshop, on the Arduino...He describes it as a cheap, tiny computer system that was originally designed as a teaching tool and building block for people who want to add some intelligence to objects such as kinetic sculptures and other gadgets

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Arduino hardware hacking: Part 1

Arduino is cool. It's cool because it's a tiny device - about three inches by two inches - that comes with a USB port and a programmable chip. It's cool because you can program it using a very simple programming language known as Wiring.

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Build It. Share It. Profit. Can Open Source Hardware Work?

50,000 Arduino units have been sold worldwide since mass production began two years ago. Those are small numbers by Intel standards but large for a startup outfit in a highly specialized market. What's really remarkable, though, is Arduino's business model: The team has created a company based on giving everything away.

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