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Absolute 13.1.2 Screenshots


The Slackware-based Absolute Linux 13.1.2 was release yesterday. Absolute Linux features the IceWM window manager which is very fast and lightweight.

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Absolute Linux 13.0.2


I always admire the effort made by developers to take a version of Linux that isn’t particularly friendly to desktop users and tame it a bit thus making it available to a wider audience. Absolute Linux is one such distro.

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Review: Absolute Linux 12.1.05 – Slackware Made Easier


INSTALLING Slackware is a Linux rite of passage. It is the computing equivalent of wandering off alone into the bush for a month armed with nothing more than a pointy stick and grim determination.
That is to say, it is quite a testing experience that is not to be entered into lightly. It is also something you only want to have to do once, if at all possible.

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