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GNU Zile on libreplanet !


"GNU Zile is a lightweight Emacs clone. Zile is short for Zile Is Lossy Emacs: Zile is a strict subset of Emacs. Zile has all of Emacs's basic editing features..." — See also: Zile 2.3.19 released

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Free Software Supporter #18 announces some recent GNU software releases


"Free Software Supporter is a newsletter run by the FSF (Free Software Foundation) and in it they have a section announcing a few software releases from the GNU project. However, they do not seem to provide any description of the projects aside from their name and version.

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Zile 2.3.0 released


"I am happy to announce the release of Zile 2.3.0, the tiny Emacs clone..."

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[FSF] Free Software Supporter Issue 6 - August 2008


– ## In this issue
* Why free software and Apple's iPhone don't mix
* Play Ogg!
* Pizza Party for friends of the FSF in San Francisco
* Portland associate membership meeting recap
* Give Apple the iPhone Challenge
* Help defeat Microsoft's OOXML format!
* Atheros releases free software wireless driver
* Yahoo Music -- the bad dream of DRM continues
* GNU spotlight with Karl Berry

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