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Teo, the New Tough Linux Netbook From ZaReason

The nice folks at ZaReason, the independent Linux OEM computer vendor, sent me their Teo tough netbook to review. This turned into a family affair as my excellent significant other Terry was charmed by the little netbook, and had to try it out. Executive summary: thumbs up.

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ZaReason Ships Ubuntu 10.04 Systems

Each time Canonical ships a new Ubuntu release, I'm inclined to reach out to two specific PC companies: ZaReason and System76. Both companies focus intensely on Ubuntu netbooks, notebooks, PCs and servers. Here's a look at ZaReason's Ubuntu 10.04 strategy - according to CEO Cathy Malmrose and CTO Earl Malmrose

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ZaReason Bolsters Ubuntu 9.10 Branding

ZaReason is taking a small but significant step to help strengthen the Ubuntu brand. To celebrate the Ubuntu 9.10 launch, the PC maker is offering "a stick of Ubuntu aluminum case badges with each computer ordered" October 29 through November 5. Here's why you should care.

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ZaReason Prepares Ubuntu 9.10 Server, Expands Customer Base

...Let's take a look at ZaReason's system plans for the new Ubuntu - including thoughts about a new ZaReason server and an expanding customer base.

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