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Free software is better for web pages


"Despite the considerable advances that the free software has made in the last years in its «market share» in different fields in informatics, only in a few of this fields free software has the supremacy. One of these is the field of web servers.

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WordPress 2.6 Released


The WordPress team have announced the release of WordPress 2.6, the latest version of the popular open source blogging software.

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Three sitemap generators for WordPress


Some search engine optimization (SEO) experts say sitemaps are important tools for promoting your site, because when a search engine picks up your sitemap, it automatically picks up a link to every page in your site. Not only does the spider crawl those pages, but the sitemap page shows up in search results for keywords on your blog.

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Wordpress plugin for Free Software Daily & Other social sites


Apostolos Dountsis wrote a social bookmark plugin for Wordpress. I modified the plugin to include FreeSoftwareDaily, and in accordance with the terms of the GPL 3.0 it was licensed under I'm making those changes available. I hope others find a use for this plugin on their wordpress blogs and sites.You can download the mod here

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WordPress secures $29 million in funding


Automattic, the parent company of popular open source blogging platform WordPress, announced this week it received $29 million in funding from four investors who will take a minority stake in the company. Though this isn't the first round of financing for the not quite three-year-old company, it has drawn a lot of notice because one of the investors is the New York Times. It's an unusual pairing of two industries -- blogging and conventional media -- typically thought to be at odds with each other.

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Ministry of Culture adopts Wordpress


Segundo o WebInsider, na última semana o Ministério da Cultura lançou seu novo site totalmente gerenciado com Wordpress. . "Sim, o mesmo gerenciador de conteúdo que gerencia o meu blog, gerencia também um site de grande porte como este Webinsider e ainda o site de um dos ministérios mais importantes do Governo Federal."

In English

Accordingly with WebInsider, last week the brazilian's Ministry of Culture[1] launched its new website totaly managed with Wordpress. "Yes, the same content manager that runs my weblog manages also a big site like Webinsider and also the website of one of the most important ministries of our Federak Government."

[1] http://www.cultura.gov.br/site/

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Use open source to build your own top-class online presence for nothing, part one


Ok, not really nothing: it’ll cost you $9.99 for a domain name. But once you’ve got that, here’s how to build a dynamic and high-class online presence with free web hosting and the powerful open source blogging and content management system WordPress.

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Five tag management plugins for WordPress 2.3


If you want to experiment with tags on your WordPress site, there's never been a better time. The newest WordPress version, 2.3, offers native tagging support.

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WordPress makes a stand for open source morality


The fledgling blogware success story proves that resisting the advertisers can pay greater dividends

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