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Decrypt HTTPS Traffic Using Wireshark And Key File


Wireshark is a useful tool in troubleshooting. Wireshark can decrypt SSL traffic as long as you have the server private key. This can be extremely useful, if you have to debug HTTPS traffic and cannot use HTTP instead.

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Weekend Project: Analyze Your Network with Wireshark


Without any special hardware or reconfiguration, it can capture live data going in and out over any of your box's network interfaces: Ethernet, WiFi, PPP, loopback, even USB.

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Network Analysis With Wireshark On Ubuntu 9.10


Wireshark is a network protocol analyzer (or "packet sniffer") that can be used for network analysis, troubleshooting, software development, education, etc. This guide shows how to install and use it on an Ubuntu 9.10 desktop to analyze the traffic on the local network card.

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