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Network Services Aren't Free or Nonfree; They Raise Other Issues


Programs and services are different kinds of entities. A program is a work that you can execute; a service is an activity that you might interact with. For programs, we make a distinction between free and nonfree (proprietary). More precisely, this distinction applies to a program that you have a copy of: either you have the four freedoms for your copy or you don't.

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Avoiding the JavaScript trap


We're not going to bore you by talking about free beer versus free speech - that's an old argument and one with which we hope you're familiar by now. Instead, we want you to focus on the web services you rely on. Think Google. Think Gmail. Think Twitter, Facebook, Last.fm or any number of others.

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FSF to Host Summit on Freedom for Web Services


"The Free Software Foundation will host a mini-summit on Freedom for Web Services to discuss how the free software community can ensure that software, and its users, stay free in this new technological environment..."

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The GPL and Software as a Service


"...free software license requirements to release source code are all triggered by the act of distribution, and that web applications, which are not actually "distributed," are therefore not bound by these licenses....In other words, software delivered as service is now officially not covered by the GPL..."

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