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Amaya: A Simple, Yet Useful Alternative to Dreamweaver


While on a project, where money was scarce, we were scrambling around looking for a free or open source HTML editor that can provide us the same functionality as Adobe Dreamweaver. During my analysis of the different HTML editor out there, I came across Amaya.

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Primitive Data Types, Arrays, Loops, and Conditions in JavaScript


The tutorial walks you through the primitive data types in JavaScript, such as strings and numbers. Moreover, it takes you through the common operators, and explains the flow control statements, such as loops and if-else conditions.

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How to Run Aptana Studio on Linux


In case you didn't know, Aptana Studio is a free multi-platform (runs on Linux, Windows and Mac) complete web development environment that combines powerful authoring tools with a collection of online hosting and collaboration services that help you and your team do more.

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Design Powerful Web Applications with the Spring Web Flow Framework


Through this book users will learn to design, develop, and test their web applications using the Spring Web Flow 2 framework. Java developers will be able to Integrate Java Server Faces (JSF) with Spring Web Flow to organize and manage the storage of data inside their web application.

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Firewall MySQL with GreenSQL


GreenSQL is a “firewall” for MySQL databases that could help protect your database from SQL injection vulnerabilities.

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PHP 4 is Dead—Long Live PHP 5


PHP 4, deployed on tens of millions of servers globally, is among the most successful languages of all time. But its run is coming to an end.

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