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Escaping From Vendor Lock-in With FOSS

Could your company become a victim of vendor lock-in? If you rely entirely on proprietary software, you very well could be. What exactly is this vendor lock-in of which I speak? It is a way of ensuring that you, the consumer, will only be able to use specific products as set forth by select manufacturers.

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EuroparlTV for everyone? No, only for users of proprietary software!

EuroparlTV seems to work only for users of either Adobe’s proprietary Flash player (via the proprietary Adobe Flash file format) or users of Microsoft’s Windows Media Player (via the proprietary WMV file format).

What this means to an open web, that is usable for everyone should be clear.

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When software protection is good for FOSS

Recently there have been numerous discussions on software and media piracy, with a few people even saying that open source could be the solution to stopping software piracy... However, software piracy is one of open source's biggest enemies, and few people realize that.

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US software lock-ins harm local bidders

LOCAL IT developers are being stifled by the dominance of US software companies that hold on to government business through "vendor lock-in", industry observers say.

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Computer companies want more control over the products they sell you, and they're resorting to increasingly draconian security measures to get that control. The reasons are economic.

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FUD alert: Linux distro lock-in? Get real!

Just as a brief summary for those not familiar with the topic: A vendor of proprietary software can store data in closed, proprietary data formats. Thus, if you are a customer of that vendor it becomes very difficult for you to move to a competitor's product, for example if you like the features or price/performance of that offering better. Instead, the cost of moving, the risk of loosing all your data may be too great. You are 'locked in' to the current vendor...

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Lack of standards stifles agility

If you aren't happy with the performance of your software, the solution should be simple: Switch to different software. In practice, however, jumping ship is seldom that easy, and vendor lock-in is a reality with which most IT departments are far too familiar.

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Created by leo 10 years 35 weeks ago – Made popular 10 years 35 weeks ago
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Apple: firmware update likely to make unlocked iPhones "permanently inoperable"

The title basically says it all. I'm posting this because it shows how people should be using phones that don't contain DRM and proprietary code and don't allow vendor lock-in.

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