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Tales From the Front: in Search of APT-GET UNDO


I am currently in that level of hell reserved for people who upgrade their GNU/Linux system too quickly. I have for some time now been happily using KDE 4 with the plasma desktop enjoying the cute little animations and eye candy, and learning to use the task-bar and widgets. Then my bliss was interrupted by a simple mistake. I decided to upgrade.

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Created by snuffbox 7 years 21 weeks ago – Made popular 7 years 21 weeks ago
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What is it with the “dist-upgrade” option of apt-get?


There has always been a bit of confusion when people learn they can do a full upgrade of their distribution from the command line.

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Should you upgrade your Ubuntu - and how?


Every six months, a new edition of Ubuntu is released and the Update Manager that pops every now and then offers you the choice of upgrading your current version to a newer one. Every six months, Ubuntu users worldwide face a tough choice. Should they keep running their current version or should they upgrade?

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Open Source: The Gift That Keeps On Giving


"Frequent release cycles are both a curse and a blessing. Software developers are creating fixes and patches all the time. The downside is the developer doesn't want to do upgrades all the time," Barry Klawans, founding member of the Open Solutions Alliance and CTO at JasperSoft, told LinuxInsider. "Commercial vendors in open source are not always doing this process as frequently."

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5 Ground Rules for upgrading Ubuntu Desktop Edition


1) Never use apt-get or aptitude: Apt(itude) is great (it's got supercow powers), but for upgrading use update-manager instead (see the how-to below). Update-manager still uses apt in the background, but additionally fixes common errors, removes old artwork, etc.

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