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UEFI "Secure Boot" and Microsoft Windows 8: The danger for free software

Microsoft has announced that if computer makers wish to distribute machines with the Windows 8 compatibility logo, they will have to implement a measure called "Secure Boot." Secure Boot is designed to protect against malware by preventing computers from loading unauthorized binary programs when booting.

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Consumers Don't Own Computers "Designed for Windows 8", and They Go to Landfills Earlier

What you should be aware of and concerned about as a consumer is those machines labeled as "Designed for Windows 8". Much more so if you care about the environmental and humanitarian problems caused by e-wastes, for these machines do end up much earlier as e-wastes than the ordinary machines manufactured now.

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SUSE Takes Your Rights Away With ‘Trusted’ Computing (TC)

TPM brought into SUSE, handing over control of one's PCs to vendors and corporations

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Trust Linux!

A team of researchers has implemented support for ‘trusted computing’ in a commercially available version of the open source operating system Linux, breaking new ground in the global drive toward more secure computing environments.

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