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Microsoft Attacks Linux-powered Devices with Patents Once Again, Unprovoked


TiVo is preemptively sued by Microsoft for alleged patent violation and Microsoft's PR puts together some lies to disguise the real cause

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Does “Tivoization” Also Mean Massively Suing All Competitors Using Software Patents?


TiVo's shift to a strategy of patent litigation is not paying off, patent trolling becomes common, Microsoft rides the wave

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Why “open source” misses the point of Free Software


"25 years after Stallman first set the GNU project in motion, what have these ideals achieved, and what can we do to ensure the future of free software? Linux Format spoke to him to find out..."

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MythTV, Rainy Day Project With Staying Power


My MythTV box has been humming in my living room just shy of a year. It's not a project for a new user, but it's a better application, and less complicated to install and maintain than you've been led to believe.

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After Months of Wrangling, GPL v3 Unleashed


The Free Software Foundation on Friday released the third version of the GNU General Public License. The FSF says GPL v3 sets its sights on protecting users freedom to run, adapt, improve and redistribute free software. It also sets its sights on Tivoization -- the practice of trapping free software inside closed

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Linus on the GPL, BSD, Tivo and the FSF


A lengthy debate that began with a suggestion to dual license the Linux kernel under the GPLv2 and the GPLv3 [story] continues on the Linux Kernel Mailing List. Throughout the ongoing thread Linux creator Linus Torvalds has spoken out on the GPLv2, the upcoming GPLv3, the BSD license, Tivo, the Free Software Foundation, and much more.

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TiVo warns that GPL3 could hurt its business


Since the main point of the Free Software Foundation's new GPL3 (General Public License 3) is to prevent "TiVo-isation," this surely does not come as a surprise. TiVo says: "If the currently proposed version of GPLv3 is widely adopted, we may be unable to incorporate future enhancements to the GNU/Linux operating system into our software, which could adversely affect our business."

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