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How infectious is the GPL? Battle of words between WordPress and Thesis

The issue boils down to this. WordPress is licensed under the GPL, which provides that if you derive a new work from an existing GPL-licensed work, the GPL applies to your new work as well.

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A month of the Hurd: Arch Hurd, FOSDEM preparations and a thesis on mobile Hurd objects.

«Hurd having been in development for so long, but still not production-ready; and with Linux as a mature free kernel being firmly established as the de-facto standard kernel for the GNU system -- people often wonder: why haven't developers abandoned the Hurd long ago?

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Hackers & Global Justice: Another World is Possible - by Kate Milberry

« It took me almost five and a half years, from the first class to my final defense, but here it is: my dissertation. Maybe one day I’ll write about the emotional and personal cost of a PhD but for now, I’ll try to revel in the relief of completion. Comments, as always, welcome! And of course, it is copyleft. So share and share alike (but give credit where credit’s due!)...

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Peer-to-peer searching and sharing of electronic documents -- Paul Stacey (october 2004)

"Peer-to-peer systems have existed since the first incarnation of the Internet. In recent times the Internet has taken on a more hierarchical form, power has been taken away from the individual and placed in the hands of operators of large servers. However, with the re-emergence of p2p the individual is gaining more freedom.

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