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Ecuador Tax Agency Closes Microsoft Branch Offices For 7 Days

Ecuador's Internal Revenue Service, or SRI, said Thursday it has closed the offices of Microsoft Corp.'s (MSFT) Ecuadorian branch for seven days.

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Acer to Refund Junkware cost - Court Ruling

French court rules- refund of a total that:
Acer was forced to pay back was made up of 135.20 euros for Windows XP Home, 60 euros for Microsoft Works, 40.99 euros for PowerDVD, 38.66 euros for Norton Antivirus and 37 euros for NTI CD Maker. On top of that Acer had to pay a further 650 euros in, among other things, legal costs.

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Zürich’s students get rid of “Windows Tax”

Zürich’s two big universities (ETH and UZH) have a joint laptop discount program for all of their students and staff. Starting this fall, you can get these laptops without Windows, giving you a price reduction of ~76 Euro. This was made possible by a student’s organisation at the ETH.

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No tax software for you, naughty Linux/Mac user

It's tax time in Australia. Three weeks into the new financial year, now is about the time when people have all their documentation ready to give the government its yearly pound of flesh. But for Linux users there's no joy again.

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