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Sugar Learning Platform Will Succeed In Virgin Markets

I think it is time that Sugar Labs and Sugar developers to realize that the success or failure of Sugar does not depend on its ability to play YouTube videos. Not because is not important but because there is very little chance to penetrate this market dominated by Microsoft and Apple.

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Trisquel on Sugar

"...The project was presented during the Software Freedom Day 09 event organized by the Free Software Foundation. Briefly introduced by Walter Bender, founder of SugarLabs, our Sugar+Trisquel solution provides a way to run this excelent educational software in a fully free system. Trisquel 3.0 was also featured in the FSF event, running on the computers available for the public on site..."

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This kind of Sugar is actually *good* for kids… Put an OLPC in your pocket with Sugar on a Stick.

A good friend of mine purchased an OLPC when they were first released. He wasn’t impressed with it, but I can’t say the same… Sugar on a Stick runs great on my old Eee PC 900, and is a lot more intuitive than you’d think, even for a grup!

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Sweet new version of Sugar Learning Platform on its way

Sugar Labs has released a new version of the Sugar Learning Platform, a Linux-based software environment for education. The new version includes new programs and improvements to the environment's file journal system.

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Can we rescue OLPC from Windows? - by Richard Stallman

"I read Negroponte's statement presenting the OLPC XO as a platform for Windows in the most ironic circumstances possible: during a week of preparing, under a deadline, to migrate personally to an XO. I made this decision for one specific reason: freedom..."

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