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MacOS X is an Unsuitable Platform for Web Development

So what's wrong with using the Mac as a development machine for Milo, a Python application backed by PostgreSQL and Redis (or any web project, for that matter)? Well, sacred cow, here come the spears.

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A Patent Pool is Being Assembled to Go After Theora and Other “Open Source” Codecs Now.

Apple's threat not only to Free/libre software but also to standards everyone can use is made more apparent because of new mail

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Jobs on Flash: Hypocrisy So Thick You Could Cut it with a Knife

Why, then, is Apple, in a letter full of talk of openness and standards, promoting this closed codec, a codec that will once again shackle the web to a proprietary technology, just as we're busy breaking free from Flash? ...
Jobs' letter talks about how it's bad for a platform if developers use cross-platform technologies... And yet, without any sense of shame, Apple ships iTunes for Windows.

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Good Artists Copy, Great Artists Steal

In 2003, after I unveiled a prototype Linux desktop called Project Looking Glass*, Steve called my office to let me know the graphical effects were “stepping all over Apple’s IP.” (IP = Intellectual Property = patents, trademarks and copyrights.) If we moved forward to commercialize it, “I’ll just sue you.” My response was simple.

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iPhone kill-switch

"Last weekend, Steve Jobs revealed that Apple has built a “kill-switch” into every iPhone to terminate any 'malicious or inappropriate' programs that somehow got through their application screening process.

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Jobs does Windows with open source

Think of Safari as Apple outreach. Apple is the most proprietary company in the computing universe, more proprietary even than Microsoft. It’s tossing some open source code over the side, wondering what the so-called “community” will do with it.

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