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Kerberos Server Set Up

Kerberos provides a secure network authentication model using secret-key cryptography. Kerberos can be used with multiple services to offer superior authentication security. On a Centos system you can review a list of possible programs that are listed for kerberos with yum.

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Basic Installation Security Guidelines For Linux and Unix - Part 1a

Part one of a five part post series on setting up Linux and Unix servers securely.

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Howto: Set up Hardy for speed, v1.0

This guide is a collection of tips and tweaks for Ubuntu Linux 8.04. The content comes from tutorials and speed suggestions found on the Ubuntu Forums and elsewhere. The material has been collated and narrated, and arranged with links to external resources or supplemental information.

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Setting up a nice looking KDE - For Beginners

KDE is my preferred choice of desktop and every time I install a distribution I spend around an hour customizing it to my taste. Most of the distributions provide customized KDE but most of the customization go into the functional aspect of KDE(which should be the case) . This guide does not intent to point out to a specific choice but rather tells what can be done with a fresh KDE.

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Evolution Mail Setup Tutorial in Ubuntu

The built in Mail program for Ubuntu is Evolution Mail. It has a familiar interface to MS Outlook and OSX Mail. In this tutorial I walkthrough setting up Evolution mail witha POP account, in this example I use my gmail account information.

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