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FOSS helps Krugle help developers search for code

In three years, Krugle, the company behind the code search engine of the same name, has gone from an idea to a company that's starting to produce revenue. CEO Steve Larsen, a veteran of half a dozen startups, attributes this brief time to market as being due largely to free and open source software (FOSS). According to Larsen, FOSS has shaped most aspects of the company, including its hiring practices and relations with business partners and users.

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How to write a (free software) search engine?

Being a web developer I have often wondered how one would go about making a search engine. I have looked for some tutorials to help me out with some of the algorithms, but off course I didn't find much since the search engine technology is worth A LOT (GOOGLE!).

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Ubuntu Search beta

Ubuntu Search. Find everything about Ubuntu Linux in all official resources

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What's New in Open Source Search?

Some critics of existing search engine products say there is a growing need for alternatives to the proprietary search companies and the big business associated with sponsored information and ad revenue from search results. A few innovators are conducting a quest for new search engines and an alternative to the influences of ranking done by proprietary search platform.

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